From Journalism to Activism: Mary Mgawe’s Mission for Gender Equality

Mary Mgawe is a Tanzanian journalist and founder of the Arise and Shine Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports girls and young women who have experienced gender-based violence in Tanzania. She is also a Senior Reporter and Producer for Voice of America (VOA) in Washington, D.C., where she covers various topics related to Africa, including health, human rights, and…

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Gender-Based Violence: A Battle That All Must fight

Mary Mgawe

By Mensia John Gender-based violence is a major problem that affects women and girls globally. It violates human rights and is a major barrier to achieving gender equality. In Tanzania, the problem is just as prevalent, with many women and girls suffering from various forms of violence, including sexual violence, domestic violence, and harmful traditional practices. To combat this…

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From Prosecutor to VP: Kamala Harris’ Rise to Power

Kamala Harris is the current United States Vice President, serving under President Joe Biden. Born on October 20, 1964, in Oakland, California, Harris is the daughter of immigrants. Her mother was a cancer researcher from India, and her father was an economics professor from Jamaica. Harris was raised in a predominantly African-American neighborhood in Berkeley, California. He attended Howard…

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Maida Waziri: Kamala Harris’ Visit to Tanzania is an Opportunity for Gender Equality and Economic Growth

Maida Waziri

Maida Waziri, President of the Voice of Women Entrepreneurs in Tanzania (VoWET), has expressed her excitement about the upcoming visit of Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States, to Tanzania. According to Waziri, Vice President Harris is a strong advocate for women’s rights, and her visit has the potential to bring many benefits to women and businesses in…

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