Laeticia Mukurasi – A Triumph for Women’s Rights: An African Story

Laeticia Mukurasi, a passionate advocate and change agent for women’s rights, has carved a notable legacy in the field of gender and development. With an academic foundation from esteemed institutions like the University of Sussex and Manchester Polytechnic, Mukurasi has championed women empowerment, gender mainstreaming, and human resources development, influencing policies on international, regional, and national levels. From the…

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The Ruge Mutahaba Foundation’s CEO: “We have exciting plans in store for the youth of Tanzania!”

Cynthia Bavo

In a significant milestone for The Ruge Mutahaba Foundation (RMF), Cynthia Bavo, Chief Executive Officer, recently presided over her first board meeting. The meeting, held in Dar es Salaam, marked a momentous occasion as the organization solidified its commitment to empowering young Tanzanians and carrying forward the inspiring legacy of its founder, the late Ruge Mutahaba. Chaired by renowned…

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The Hard-Hitting Truths of Starting a Venture Capital Fund in Africa: Insights from Eunice Ajim

Navigating the Realities of African Venture Capital: Pearls of Wisdom from Eunice Ajim Eunice Ajim, Founding Partner & VC at @ajimcapital, is no stranger to the nuances of early-stage investing in Africa. Known for her compelling insights into Africa, startups, and the intricacies of investment, Ajim has fast become a guiding star in the venture capital landscape. The recent…

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#SheCanDoIt -Unleashing Women’s Potential in Business: A Deep Dive with Maida Waziri

Maida Waziri, VOEWeT President

Nestled in the heart of Tanzania, a monumental movement is gradually unfolding, its goal to revolutionize the landscape of women entrepreneurs. The impetus behind this empowering shift is the formidable Maida Waziri, the current President of VOWET (Voice of Women Entrepreneurs in Tanzania) and the architect of the pioneering #SheCanDoIt campaign. In an in-depth interview, Ms. Waziri spoke to…

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