Esther Crawford: Be bold, get back up, believe in yourself

Esther Crawford is the Director of Product Management at Twitter, where she leads early-stage bets, including Spaces, Communities, Notes, Creator Monetization, Crypto and DMs.

Twitter acquired her startup Squad in Dec 2020. “My life’s work is creating connection and empathy through technology. I’m an angel investor and write $10k-$25k checks in early-stage startups that are helping people heal, connect, and prosper via the Belonging Fund. On weekends you’ll likely find me hiking, attending a music festival, or hanging out with my family,” she writes on her website.

She was born to a single mom on welfare but has managed to rise, beat the odds and earn enough money to invest in startups. “But at every turn, I have irrationally bet on myself and the future I want and envision to be true — so here I am, doing it again — by putting my money on the line to help move some big ideas forward through a new angel investment entity called the Belonging Fund,” she writes.

“My life’s work is creating technology that builds empathy & fosters belonging in an increasingly disconnected world,” she says.

According to, Esther is an award-winning pioneer in Millennial marketing who spearheaded groundbreaking digital campaigns in social and video for Fortune 500 companies. She previously led product marketing for Silicon Valley startups, including and Stride. After finding early success on YouTube, Esther started a social marketing agency whose clients included Weight Watchers, Sears Holdings and more. She was an on-air contributor to CNN, Fox News, and iVillage.

Esther holds a Master of Arts in International Relations from Durham University in England, an Arabic language certificate from Jordan University and a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy from Oregon State University.