Subomi: Here are a few ways to make yourself invaluable as a manager


As Executives become busier, they have less time to review things. So if you’re a Manager, here are a few ways to make yourself invaluable.

Present information in a way that’s useful for decision-making. Get to the crux of things quickly. Develop 1-page reports and presentations that are no more than 10 pages. Use graphs and charts, not text.

Focus everything you’re doing within the company on the organization’s priorities. If it’s not important to the company, it’s not important.

Find ways to save money or to make money and bring those ideas to the table often. But be prepared to implement. The one with the bright idea often gets stuck with executing it.

Finally, mentor and groom others. You will build trusted allies and loyalists who will remember you even when they move on to other organizations.